Mitchell Clionsky, Ph.D. ABPP(CN)
Dr. Mitchell Clionsky is a board certified neuropsychologist with more than 30 years of clinical experience in hospital and outpatient settings.

At Neuro-Psychology Associates and the ADD Center of Western Massachusetts, he and his staff provide comprehensive evaluations of cognition. They measure attention, learning, memory, intelligence, and the executive functions of planning, judgment, and decision making. Their goal is to quantify how well someone thinks so that a patient-specific profile of abilities can be used to make better diagnoses and guide treatment decisions.
From years of patient data, Dr. Clionsky and his wife/partner Emily Clionsky, MD have developed the Memory Orientation Screening Test, a brief and highly valid measure that provides a single, numerical score that reflects cognitive status and change over time. It is their hope that health professionals in office, hospital, and rehabilitation settings will use the MOST to help them identify cognitive problems earlier in the deterioration process so that they can intervene when more can be done and help their patients live better lives. Dr. Clionsky understands the toll of memory disorders as both a caring professional and as the son of Muriel Clionsky, who died in 2008 from dementia.

Dr. Clionsky holds staff privileges on four hospitals and holds licenses to practice psychology in Massachusetts and Connecticut. In addition to dementia, Dr. Clionsky evaluates ADHD, concussions, and a variety of neurological conditions. He and his wife practice in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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